Self hair removal course

Hair salon ever to self alopecia wasn't new ideas
Used hair salon equipment charm of this plan would be hair free!

◆ simple 3 easy steps!
①Try it in a trial Pack

♦ Member society & hair removal training, of course, the guests start!
②Enrollment & practitioner training course
③Decide the course, visit start!

 Dreams come true in permanent hair removal

Peace of mind(Peace of mind)
In the first course of trial membership meeting before and after registration of safe start.

◆ unique self assured
V-line the stomach around the areola around. Beautiful, really, without the embarrassing.

Time for(Easy)
From which cares for more than one part to staff appointments in a short period of time for busy people.

◆ easy can continue at your own pace!
Is particularly easy going but OK! Grip tips soon and will enjoy the treatment.

Clear costs(Cheap)
Soon as it is reasonable and beautiful. Self alopecia're very reasonable.

◆ priced, nice!
Self alopecia're 6000 yen/month-and very affordable!(* It courses, available on March 10-12 months.)

Trial Pack 3000 Yen
Under the guidance of aestheticiansFingers of legs, armpits, hands or feetThe experience of 3 months treatment.

◆ What is self hair loss?
For Q: self hair loss is not difficult?
Q: in the self clean to the?
Q: anxiety about whether they can do it.

Why not try first!
We have concerns about hair loss self you can try out three popular sites "fingers of the armpits, legs, hands or feet" trial packs.
After irradiation, the cooldown and moisturizing.

◆ simple and surprising! And fun!
Treatment after a week back and forth through the hair treatment areas are begins, so should help realize the effects of hair loss self.

On timer operation has ended.
Remove the gel and the cool treatment area.
Prepares the exit moisturizing, change of clothes, etc.

"Fully available" If time is about 20 minutes!

* 10 minutes use, change of clothes and does not cool-down after the treatment time.

Self hair removal course is a membership organization.
Accept membership and training course for hair loss for about 30 minutes.

-Flow of enrollment procedure to

◆ Register
Admission fee, training fee and 10000 Yen
* Available after the trial Pack,2Weeks within the admission procedures at 50% off

• Self training course for hair loss
For use in training for about 30 minutes. Main treatment desired areas, actually15,000-Treatment of 20000 Yen while trainingWe will.

◆ complimentary course decision
Monthly fee is 5000 Yen ~!
Self hair removal course become discount fee depending on the period of use, usage charges per 10-minute deals and 1000 yen.

• Daily care virtually free! Fleur push plan

◆ If you decide the course, more and more self hair loss start!
10And hair loss in 1000 yen unlimited!

But would the embarrassing thing is treatment at your own pace at your own pace can see hair loss self"charm! I previously went to a hair salon, just a little place comes to mind. So very helpful!
< Spot course >
Deciding the time period, for those who wish to stay in a single course. Royalties are "JPY 2000 per 10 minutes".
* List price is plus tax.

According to your budget and available courses(Membership dues)And time(Use fee)Can be arranged freely.

* Credit card(VISA, master, Amex)The visit is available.