Two months left at this level! For busy people suggest "armpit hair.

At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

Thanks for your visit today

Mr. R was 2 month visit.

Came about two months after, you busy with work and children events, etc..

See why-I'm Zen does not have anything(Lol)! 」

That was around the armpits and say it is.

2 months left in Oh well ~, this degree(Lol)

It is a bystander to good luck and 生eyou or if even 2 months left so much, no matter how busy worrying about annoying self treatment without translation.

Two months left for the non-experienced hair loss believe there to be(; ° Д °)?

Isn't it??

Is hair loss, number of times as they develop'Mao' itself grows increasingly thin comeIt is.

So, and then neglected, even thoughBe unobtrusiveI'm(^^)

It is busy and hair treatment is really annoying.

In saying that, is recommended for "armpit hair removal" for busy people(*^^*)

Now, armpit hair try 100 yen! During the campaign it is ♪ (-4/30.)

Today's Mayan calendar [KIN 219 11 blue / red noise]

Mayan Word message: spend on something of the heart and the conflict. Socialising and reading and good friend.

Watch the press conference Mao Asada. Choking back tears apart when it was the last appearance of the final I was thinking they weep.

26In the absolute opposite kin in important turning points years that big decision.

Many seafood has her life

In hair removal skin healing with the Mayan calendar in mind healing

All the women are beautiful, to be happy