VIO hair lost? If you want to turn gray before

At the most affordable hair salon "high-speed hair removal-Fleur"The Chiba Hibiki ripening Mitsuru (Hitomi).

Thanks for your visit today

Overseas, country common sense about the country by various "VIO hair loss" situation.

Japan even words pretty much the permeation, but still many outstanding experience zone running is in fact.

But the interest is... and painless?

When I went to the hot springs to reverse the shameful?

Heck what's up guys ~!

This way"I want to VIO hair. I don't know 'And who said that I'm sure many would.

So one by one we will explain.

But the interest is... and painless?

VIO hair loss is to be honest, compared to other partsSlightly irritatingIs there.

Exciting though, almost no to is equal to,Sometimes kinda hot? As much as.

"Eh? Amazingly, I do hair loss? "It tells you.

Well do not fall completely with the other expressions such as "pain such as flick rubber'-

When I went to the hot springs to reverse the shameful?

As far as VIO hair loss is of interest to very many questions.

So the question is

"Or go to the Spa several times a year? 』

The really big number not should.

EveryoneHot Springs, go only a few timesIn the situation is pretty damn I'm ~


"If my pie ○ twinned, if you look around the eye comes to mind '

The-I, I'm thinking.

So, contrary to slickA State publication was that (no, shiorashiku, concealed I'm) should surely have smooth condition of your watch, think, secretly jealous people(Lol)

I now VIO hair grows, one pie ○, I hope women's not at all unusual.

Heck what's up guys ~!

Really, guys, what am I doing right?

Broadly speaking, such a feeling.

1. V-line only to trim patterns

2. With hair loss at the top from the bottom of the V line and the navel, to slightly smaller pattern

3. 2In addition to I and O line pattern hair loss completely.

4. I lost my whole slick patterns

AndAs a trend, recently is still growing [4].

Towards this aim, slick and reduce the hair anyway (thinned out w? ) Is divided into several times when exposed to all, in the sense that.

Anyway, delicate hair looking a little advise you and you're done.

Start prior to becoming gray hair!

It is a light hair removal until a little while ago, done at the hair salon was the white-haired NG.

From the way they react to the melanin and what it was.

ButFleur high-speed hair removal (SHR method) to approach the hair follicles, so for gray hairAre you.

To tell the truth this is frightfully is revolutionary!

Only the originalBecause the light is black, that is, first of all, black hair et al. had a knock-on impact on gray hair:Step said.

Delicate zone even than other parts in the hair loss period is necessary.

In addition to beautiful hair become, increasingly more time consuming it is.

。。。 And that if the late 30's-VIO hair loss in the 40's looking for gray hairs before you recommend

Today's Mayan calendar [KIN 224 Yellow seeds / white wind sound 3]

Mayan Word message: will get noticed more and be involved with the arts.

Hair loss in your skin beautiful, healing the heart with the Mayan calendar

All the women are beautiful, to be happy