To Fleur welcome!

You are reading this message right now I want to hair in the intently, should have looked in the hair salon.
For women, no hair smooth skin is yearning for eternity.

-Ache, not so.
-Get a book of wonder.
Hair removal San ronntei menu-the bad, huh.

Did you mean worries become filled with not?

If you indeed were leading Salon?

We book even on the Assembly line, "become beautiful when it integrated? "I heard about your friend's voice may be.

However, please be assured(^^)

Fleur is one seriously close to one, while no pain treatment and secure booking, private hair salons you lead more and more beautiful.

"I want to be beautiful, but should be started. "So sorry, Fleur was absolutely want them.

If If you are suffering from unwanted hair and the process.
Plunge in Fleur does not eliminate your worries?

"I wanted to know more soon! 」
See image hair salon has changed! 」

Surely you should be our way.

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 Meet the owner

Mille-Feuille co., Ltd.
Representative 千葉 響登充
Hitomi Chiba

The Mille-Feuille, co., Ltd.千葉響登充(Hitomi) is.

Mille-Feuille?お菓子(Sweets)の?Many people seemed to be. That's right, Mille-Feuille of sweets!
The Mille-Feuille is France to say "thousand leaves" in the etymological sense.

My last name "Chiba” ⇒ ThousandsPhotosLeafI afterall. Mille-Feuille

This is the origin of the company name.
And Fleur's 'flower' in France.
I support leaves on your flowers to bloom I want.

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