Hair salon, because it can't.

-Take the book seems...
-Solicitation is likely persistence.
And it takes time.
And embarrassing.
-Previously, a large salon with nasty thoughts.
In the low-budget;
And only just be curious part of the end to every part of...

What is the reason why you cannot go to a hair salon?

Resolve all the reason, Fleur!

Please feel free to consult your hair troubles.

PS: without being seen by anyone quietly beautiful, innovative 'self hair"is a must in the shy!





【 期間:4月8日(Soil) ~ 4月30日(Day) 】

ワキ:お試し1回 ⇒100円(税込)!!


 Meet the owner

Mille-Feuille co., Ltd.
Representative 千葉 響登充
Hitomi Chiba

The Mille-Feuille co., Ltd. operates a "hi-speed hair-Fleur"千葉響登充It is.

About the name Mille Feuille for a moment "お菓子(Sweets)"In the name? Many people seemed to be. That's right, Mille-Feuille of sweets!
Mille-Feuille, France language in origin, meaning "thousand leaves" (derived from the images that overlap the leaves).

My last name "Chiba” ⇒ ThousandsPhotosLeafI afterall. Mille-Feuille

This is the origin of the company name.
And Fleur's 'flower' in France.
I support leaves on your blossom you want.

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